Saturday, February 20, 2010

So it has been one month since I last posted!

Where has the time gone? I always say I need to blog and time just gets away from me. Maybe if I put it in my cool new Ipod Touch calendar I'll remember.
So life has been busy!
I now have 2 jobs, I am still at the hospital as well as my new job as a high school nurse. I love my school nurse job, I have always wanted a school job, never thoughtI would want to do high school, but I think it is the perfect fit for me. It feels like it is where I am supposed to be. The school is great, the staff and students have been very welcoming and I think I could see myself there for possibly the rest of my career. (just have to pray for no budget cuts, since I am low man on the totem pole!)
The last month has also been a month of sickness in our house. All 3 kiddos have been going back and forth with colds, fevers, runny noses and stomach bugs. Livy is now the latest sicky kid, the poor thing is miserable. She is so congested and no matter how many boogies we suck out of her nose, there is a waterfall more of them to come. So we have done alot of cuddling, naps and Tylenol. We think she may also be finally teething which makes her even more miserable. Hopefully everyone is well soon since the good weather is right around the corner...although the next weeks forecast looks like snow everyday!

Tanner told me today that he loves Nana more than me " because when she is washing the floor and I ask for a snack she gets it right away and I don't have to wait" Gotta love the kid..but nana's are supposed to be more fun right?

Livy needs to be on a leash. Yesterday she was in the playroom and Scott and I were going to get lunch ready, so we closed the door to the back stairs so she couldn't climb them when we weren't watching and left her to play for 5 minutes. Well when Scott went to get her he couldn't find her, but could hear her. And guess where he found the top of the back stairs!!! She had crawled from the playroom, through the living room, to the front hall, up the front stairs, through her bedroom to the back stairs and was yelling from there for help! So after we had a heart attack, we realized she needs to live in a gated community without access to anything!