Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Annual Christmas Tree Day

So every year on the day after Thanksgiving we get our Christmas tree. So of course this year that was the plan..even though it was going to be rainy and cold. Scott (aka soon to be a Clark Griswold..he gets more xmas intense every year) got all of our tired butts out of bed at 7am to go meet the fam at our fav breakfast place (rebecca's too in Mendon). So off we all went moaning and groaning about how tired we were and Scott blasting the xmas music all throughout the house and in the car at 7am.(In his Griswold Family Christmas t-shirt) Mind you we love xmas but we were all tired from a long Turkey Day.
So we met up with my parents and Jessie and Adam and had a yummy breakfast and off to the xmas tree farm we went so we could get there exactly when it the rain. I honestly thought we would be the only crazy ones in the rain getting our tree..but no..there were a few other families.
Jessie and Adam found their tree first while Scott and I split up to scour the farm for the perfect tree. The trees weren't as tall as we would have liked this year but it fits our living room pretty well and smells amazing. The boys had a blast running all around and getting wet and muddy. Livy stayed with my Dad in the car so she didn't have to get wet and it was close to nap time.
The tree is up and Saturday is our day to stay home and decorate for Christmas!


We had an awesome Thanksgiving! Great family time and food! The funniest part of Thanksgiving was the mad dash for the tupperware containers at my parent's house so we could pack up leftovers after dinner. The tupperware cabinet was empty when we were done. My sister definitely took the majority of it....since her excuse was she had to bring it home for Adam. I didn't even get any of my own mashed potato leftovers. Note to self for next year...leave some at home to insure leftover mashed potatoes.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have been slacking on my posting!

Ok so I haven't blogged in almost a week..but hey I have 3 kids and a sick husband so that is my excuse!

Livy is a woman on a mission now..crawling all over the place and super fast! So all the gates are up..huge pain in the butt with gates everywhere but we have to keep her away from all the boys toys and we have too many staircases.
The other day I walked out of the living room for a minute..came back to find her covered in chocolate..I had no clue where it came from until Braden told me had spilled his snack and Livy grabbed a chocolate Cat cracker and ate it!

Excited for Turkey Day tomorrow! The boys said they are eating turkey, corn and dessert and that is it. I am in charge of the mashed potatoes..I made them really good last to just remember what I put in them LOL. It think I did cream cheese, sour cream and we'll try that maybe.

Scott is feeling better today so hopefully no one will get sick in the next 24 hours and we will all be healthy for tomorrow!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scott was right, I am going blind

So I went for my eye exam earlier this week and it turns out my vision is slightly going down the tubes!

It isn't awful but I do have to wear glasses all the time now. Of course the only frames I liked were some of the most expensive, but I got them at Walmart so not as bad as it could have been. Scott's prescription changed as well so both of us will be sporting new glasses next week.

No TV Day!

So today is a No TV Day in our house. The boys were up at 6:30am making way too much noise after I had been up 3 times during the night with a teething (maybe?) Livy. So the boys are not allowed to watch tv today since they were not listening this morning after multiple warnings.

I don't think they really care too much about tv as they have not complained about it yet. They are having a great imagination day, going on nature walks in the house with their Shrek babies and backpacks full of play food, water bottles and binoculars. It is so cute watching and listening to them play.

We are going to head to the library this afternoon so we will have some new books to read today and to get us out of the house for a little bit.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our super buy of the weekend!

Scott and I did some serious shopping this weekend but we saved a bunch of $$$!

We stopped in American Eagle on a whim and they happened to be having a 30% off all clearance items we went in to take a peek and I am glad we did!

Scott got 5 polo shirts and I got 6 shirts, a pair of jeans and a pait of shorts for $96.00! Regularly it would have all been $360!

It was a Christmas kind of weekend

Saturday we had a busy, rainy day.

Tanner had a birthday party for one of his classmates at Playtown Express so Scott and I brought him to that and he had a blast. All the kids wore their Halloween costumes and of course they were all super heroes so they were running around at warp speed fighting crime!

Then Scott and I went to go check out the proofs for our holiday portraits..they didn't come out great but not too bad either. The photographer had them on a widescreen monitor for viewing which is definitely not a flattering way to do it. I looked like I weighed about 40lbs more than I do. Definitely not a smart selling technique..I probably would have purchased more poses if they looked good to me!

Homemade pizza and some wine rounded out a rainy Saturday.

Sunday we dropped the kids off at Scott's parents in the AM and Scott and I headed out Christmas shopping. We got all the kids done in one stop at Toys R Us! It was so much fun buying for them this year. Then little did they know, they were inches from all of their Christmas presents on the ride home last night. They had no clue!

Now today I get to go get an eye exam to see if my eyesight is really as bad as Scott claims it to be!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tanner the Protector

We have just started to notice Tanner being overly protective of Livy. Everytime I sit her on the floor, Tanner will go over to her and lay her on her belly or back because he is afraid she will fall back and hit her head. Yesterday he closed my bedroom door while she was crawling around in my room because he was afraid she would fall down the stairs. And last weekend Scott put her in her walker and Tanner told Scott to take her out because he was afraid that she would walk herself over to the tall cabinet we have in the living room and bang against it and the decorative blocks on top would fall and hit her in the head. Not sure where he gets this worrying from because most people who know me know that I am not a big worrier and neither is Scott.
So I think Tanner will make a good babysitter some day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Livy's Favorite New Game

Today we went on a playgroup field trip to the Grafton Fire Station which is brand new and super nice. The kids had a blast and Firefighter Ed was a hit with the kids

Livy LOVES to play peek-a-boo now. It is absolutely adorable. She will grab any blanket or piece of clothing that is near her and hold it over her face grunting until someone starts saying "peek-a-boo". I don't remember the boys doing it this early but then again my memory is horrible.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's see how long I can keep up with a blog

Throughout the day my kids do some funny, adorable and memorable things and I always mean to write them down in my journal but never do. So here I am. I am going to attempt to blog them all in a last ditch effort to preserve these memories. My memory seems to be decreasing as my age increases so blogging seems to be the only way t0 retain the little day to day happenings that mean so much to us. ( my vision also seems to be decreasing as Scott is mandating an eye exam for me!)