Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have been slacking on my posting!

Ok so I haven't blogged in almost a week..but hey I have 3 kids and a sick husband so that is my excuse!

Livy is a woman on a mission now..crawling all over the place and super fast! So all the gates are up..huge pain in the butt with gates everywhere but we have to keep her away from all the boys toys and we have too many staircases.
The other day I walked out of the living room for a minute..came back to find her covered in chocolate..I had no clue where it came from until Braden told me had spilled his snack and Livy grabbed a chocolate Cat cracker and ate it!

Excited for Turkey Day tomorrow! The boys said they are eating turkey, corn and dessert and that is it. I am in charge of the mashed potatoes..I made them really good last to just remember what I put in them LOL. It think I did cream cheese, sour cream and we'll try that maybe.

Scott is feeling better today so hopefully no one will get sick in the next 24 hours and we will all be healthy for tomorrow!

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