Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Annual Christmas Tree Day

So every year on the day after Thanksgiving we get our Christmas tree. So of course this year that was the plan..even though it was going to be rainy and cold. Scott (aka soon to be a Clark Griswold..he gets more xmas intense every year) got all of our tired butts out of bed at 7am to go meet the fam at our fav breakfast place (rebecca's too in Mendon). So off we all went moaning and groaning about how tired we were and Scott blasting the xmas music all throughout the house and in the car at 7am.(In his Griswold Family Christmas t-shirt) Mind you we love xmas but we were all tired from a long Turkey Day.
So we met up with my parents and Jessie and Adam and had a yummy breakfast and off to the xmas tree farm we went so we could get there exactly when it the rain. I honestly thought we would be the only crazy ones in the rain getting our tree..but no..there were a few other families.
Jessie and Adam found their tree first while Scott and I split up to scour the farm for the perfect tree. The trees weren't as tall as we would have liked this year but it fits our living room pretty well and smells amazing. The boys had a blast running all around and getting wet and muddy. Livy stayed with my Dad in the car so she didn't have to get wet and it was close to nap time.
The tree is up and Saturday is our day to stay home and decorate for Christmas!

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