Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lunch is my least favorite time of the day

So my little cutey Braden is causing my lunch time (and most dinner times) to be very stressful.
For lunch everyday I let the kids pick out what they want. They can have PB&J, PB& fluff, oatmeal , cheese and crackers, mac and cheese, salad, tuna, yogurt etc. And everyday Braden picks what he wants, I make it and he doesn't eat it or eats only annoying. I purposely only give him a small mid-morning snack, so it isn't like he is too full from that. I think he likes to push my buttons (and everyone elses for that matter)
At dinner time I try to get the kids to eat what everyone else is eating and lately they have been really good about it which makes me happy..but of course Braden has to be a pain about it sometimes. I will make something I know that he likes and he will refuse to eat it. If I am cooking something that I know the kids really don't like I will make them something different...and usually in these cases Braden decides he wants to eat what is on my plate. I swear he is just trying to be difficult. Hence why I drink a glass of wine at dinner time!

Not quite sure what to do with this..maybe he'll outgrow it..but right now it drives me bonkers!

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