Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I have been slacking

Well I haven't been keeping up with this blog very well(sorry Gramma!) So my goal tonight is to do some catch up. With all the Christmas preparations and working we have been a busy family.
Last week we had a great time with the boys making gingerbread trees and candy canes, for some reason I thought I had gingerbread people cookie cutters, but I didn't. The boys didn't mind and had a blast using the cookie cutters and decorating the cookies, with all the decorating goodies I could find in the pantry.

We also got a nice surprise of the Elf on the Shelf set with the book and elf so we have started that tradition for the kids. The kids have named the elf "High High Big Big" Not really sure why that name, but that is what it is! He is a creepy looking elf but it works wonders in curbing the kids less desirable behaviors as we tell them that the elf will be reporting back to Santa any bad behavior. The boys have fun searching for "High High Big Big's" new perch every morning.

Tanner told Scott and I that we were on the naughty list because we yell. We in turn told him that we wouldn't have to yell if he was behaving and that Santa puts him on the naughty list too!

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