Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

Yesterday we had an awesome breakfast with Santa experience at the Highfields Country Club.
When we got there Santa was seated and waiting for us so they kids went over to see him.
Of course Tanner jumped right on his lap and told Santa he wanted a flip over car for xmas and Santa gave him a matchbox car which he loved. Then we had to coax Braden to even get close to Santa, but once he saw that Tanner had gotten a car we got him on Santa's lap for a brief moment too!
Now Livy on the other hand was not so happy. She sat with Santa for about 10 seconds staring at him before she started to scream. But that was expected and Santa gave her a puzzle.
We then headed into breakfast which included a great buffett with really yummy food.
Grammy and Bumpy joined us for breakfast and we had a wonderful time. Livy was all about the pancakes even though she had already had breakfast at home. Grammy gave her a whole pancake and we couldn't pry it away from her.

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