Sunday, December 20, 2009

My summer boys in the winter

So for some absurd reason my boys feel it is necessary to wear shorts and short-sleeved in this frigid New England weather. Thankfully I can get them to wear appropriate clothes when it is necessary to go out in public but at home it is a different story.
Today they were dressed in their t-shirts and shorts (Braden wearing 3 shirts, but all short-sleeved) and I was cold in the house wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants!

So Scott was heading outside to ready the snowblower and shovels for the storm and the boys wanted to go out with him but they were adament about not changing their clothes or wearing jackets. So Scott made them sign a waiver stating " I will be cold!" which they both signed and out they went ( Braden did add a winter hat and mittens to his outfit) Within minutes I witnessed them both shivering but trying to be strong since they said they would be fine without jackets. After about 5 minutes they did come in and retrieve their jackets and even with those they only lasted another few minutes outside with Dad!

I think this adventure helped proved the need for proper winter attire! (Although I bet they will dress in shorts and t-shirts in the morning even with a foot of snow on the ground!)

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  1. That's awesome that they had to sign a waiver! :)