Thursday, January 21, 2010

So I have been slacking

We have been a very busy family lately so my time on the computer hasn't been as easy to come by.
We started homeschooling Braden for preschool on January 8th. He absolutely loves it. We set up a small classroom area for him in the office with his own backpack hook and everything. He loves "going" to school. Right now we do 2 mornings a week while Tanner is at school and in the fall we plan to do 3 days per week. I have been doing a lot of research into the Montessori method of teaching since Tanner has been thriving in a Montessori preschool. So Scott and I have decided to base the majority of our homeschooling on the Montessori method, but not strictly. It is tough some mornings to keep Livy from plowing into Braden while she goes around the office in her walker while we are at "school", but I figure if he can focus with that distraction than he will do well in public school :) Apparently she thinks that we are playing bumper cars and laughs hysterically while she bangs into all of us.

Livy stood up by herself without holding onto anything for the first time last week, only lasted a second but she did it. She has been trying to do it more, but with our hardwood floors it makes it a bit tricky. She has also graduated from the combat crawl to up on all fours crawling.

We also got a new addition to our family! A lab/springer mix who is 8 weeks old named Cooper. He looks just like a black lab. He is super cute and pretty well behaved for a puppy. We now get woken up by a dog crying instead of a baby! The kids absolutely love him, Livy crawls after him to pet and play with him, but isn't too fond of him going towards her to play. Tanner and Braden love playing with him and helping to take care of him. We had to tell Tanner to stop carrying him around the house because we were afraid of him hurting the dog by accident.

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